Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists

Internships with CAABs

An internship prepares a candidate to perform independently and professionally in applied animal behavior. The length of an internship and the number of cases observed will vary among candidates depending on openings in the intern program and the case availability.


  • An earned Ph.D. degree in an animal behavior related field or a doctorate in veterinary medicine (DVM or VMD).
  • An earned Master’s degree (MA or MS) in an animal behavior related field.
  • Enrolled in a graduate program that meets the certification requirements as an applied animal behaviorist by the Animal Behavior Society.
  • Other qualifications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Qualified Graduate Programs

The ABS does not recognize on-line programs, private companies, training schools or other groups that certify “animal behaviorists” or “pet behavior counselors” or other similar┬átitles. These groups are for the most part, certifying individuals from their own training programs. This process is not as rigorous or equivalent to completing a graduate degree at an accredited college or university. On-line degree programs do not yet have consistent rigorous standards, and their quality is of concern to many professional entities, including the federal government. A degree from an on-line program does not qualify an individual for certification by the ABS.

A Masters degree program designed to meet the academic requirements for certification by the Animal Behavior Society is at the U.S. Hunter College, NYC, Animal Behavior and Conservation Program (MA).

CAABs offering individual career counseling services

  • Please contact the following CAABs who offer experiential opportunities:
  • Nancy Williams, MA, RVT