Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists

For Pet Owners

How can a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist help you?

  • We know your pet’s problem is not your fault. Pets develop problem behaviors for many complex reasons. It is likely that other pets you have raised have not had problems but that this pet has special needs.
  • No matter how mystifying, confusing or out of the ordinary you think your pet’s behavior is, we guarantee a certified applied animal behaviorist has experience with it.
  • Even if you think you’ve tried everything, we can help you find the RIGHT thing, based on our thorough analysis of your pet’s behavior.
  • We understand each pet, each situation, and each family’s interaction is unique. A CAAB has the knowledge, experience and skill to customize a plan for you.
  • We work closely with your veterinarian because we recognize that medical problems can cause or contribute to behavior problems. If you note any change in your pet’s behavior or medical condition, please consult with your veterinarian first.

Here’s what we will do for you:

  • Listen!
  • Analyze, evaluate, assess and explain challenging or puzzling behavior(s).
  • Educate you and demonstrate “hands-on” techniques for solving the problem.
  • Follow-up to evaluate and guide your progress.
  • Change techniques, if necessary, as you and your pet progress.
  • Help you with decision making and evaluating options in those rare cases where the pet is too dangerous, unmanageable, or not a good fit for your family, including the difficult choices of rehoming or euthanasia.